a vibrant spiritual home to a growing community, is located in Murfreesboro, the geographic center of Tennessee.  Throughout its two-thousand year history, Orthodox Christianity has provided theological stability, spiritual vibrancy, liturgical beauty, and historical continuity.  For more about us, click on any of the pages above.

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“Orthodox,” an ancient term, means “right belief” or “right praise.”  It describes that Church that understands itself to be the living continuity of the faith and life established by Jesus Christ, given to His apostles, described in the Bible, practiced by the early Church, defended with the blood of martyrs, preserved and passed on by those Christians associated with the ancient centers and earliest centuries of Christian history.

Orthodox Christians pursue the deepest expressions of Christian life, nourished through worship in the Divine Services, supported by close community, strengthened through a prayerful and charitable life, sustained by the intercessions of the saints, and lived every day of the week.

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“The test of the sincerity of one’s prayer is the willingness to work for it;

the test of the sincerity of one’s work is the willingness to pray for it.”

-St John Chrysostom (5th century)

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At St Elizabeth’s, all are welcome, anytime.

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St Elizabeth Orthodox Christian Church
321 W McKnight Drive
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129
phone:  615.785.5285
e-mail:  info@stelizabethtn.org

A Mission of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America